CAIR-CT Board Members
Farhan Memon
Farhan Memon
Interim Chairperson 2016-current

Farhan Memon has been an active in Muslim communities in California, New York and Connecticut for more than 20 years. He is a co-founder of both the Bay Area Association of Muslim Lawyers (BAAML) as well as the Muslim Bar Association of New York (MuBANY). Farhan is a board member of the Al Madany Islamic Center of Norwalk and in that capacity organized the mosque's lawsuit against the City of Norwalk which resulted in a $2 million settlement. A former journalist (ABC News, New York Post, Tech TV) and Silicon Valley entrepreneur (Yack!, WikiOrgCharts), he currently works for JP Morgan Chase as an Internet security executive. Farhan has a BA in International Relations from the University of Toronto and a Law Degree from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. He lives with his wife and three children in Norwalk.

Eman Beshtawii

Eman Beshtawii is married and a mother of 4 children. She is a Pharmacist and received her Bachelors degree in Pharmacy from the University of Jordan, Amman. She worked with Sajja for Media Productions and helped produced talk shows with Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, Sheikh Ahmed Kubeisi, Dr Waleed Saif and others that aired on ART and Iqra television channels. Eman was the founding editor of "Attiryaq" (The Antidote), a monthly newsletter of the College of Pharmacy. Eman was also a co-founder of Al Minbar Attulabi (The Student's Minbar), a weekly Newspaper of the University of Jordan. After graduating, Eman worked as a journalist with the weekly newspaper Al Sabeel in Amman, Jordan and also was pharmacist at the University of Jordan Hospital. Eman has Ijaazaa in the Quran from Jordan and has been a teacher of the Quran and Arabic in the Greater Danbury region for the last 10 years. Eman is a co-founder of the Al Hedaya Islamic Center in Newtown, CT and serves as the director of its education programs. She is a member of the Newtown Interfaith Clergy Association and co-founder of the "Peace Builder" initiative in Newtown for youth. She was selected to represent the Danbury Chapter of PLTI (Parents Leadership Training Institute) at the 2013 PLTI State-wide Graduation Ceremony.

Kashif Abdul-Karim
Board Member

Imam Kashif Abdul-Karim currently serves as the resident Imam of Muhammad Islamic Center of Greater Hartford. Outside of his Masjid responsibilities, he serves on the Board of Directors for the CAIR, Connecticut Chapter, the Connecticut Center for a New Economy, End the Culture of Violence, and the Interfaith Fellowship for Universal Healthcare. Imam Kashif also functions as the Secretary for The New England Council of Masajid, President/Co-founder for the State of Connecticut's Muslim Endorsement Council of Connecticut (MECC), the Convener and President of the Leadership Council for Connecticut Masajid, and also serves as the New England Regional Coordinator for the American Coalition for Good Government. Imam Kashif Abdul-Karim has studied intensively under various imams in association with Imam WD Mohammed's leadership throughout the United States and under local scholars in the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad. Imam Kashif has spent many years working in Islamic Education. Imam Kashif served as an Islamic Studies teacher, a city CMS curriculum coordinator for New Haven and Hartford, curriculum coordinator for the North East Region Department of Islamic Education, vice-principal and principal of the Clara Muhammad School in New Haven and Hartford. He has worked with the Mosque Cares Department of Islamic Education on national curriculum development for weekend schools. Imam Kashif Abdul-Karim served as a principal for the Islamic Cooperative Home Schooling Network of Connecticut, a full-time alternative to public education. Imam Kashif works to educate the community including a class at Southern Connecticut State University, quarterly training for social workers and treatment providers for the Department of Children and Families, and diversity training for law enforcement agencies.

Mongi Dhaouadi
Board Member

Mongi S. Dhaouadi was born and raised in Tunisia. He moved to the US when he was 19 years old and studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. As the Executive director of CAIR-CT, he conducts civil rights workshops throughout the state of Connecticut under the title "Know Your Rights." Also, he leads several workshops and discussions on Islamophobia and the Muslim experience before and after 9/11. He has participated in and led several media campaigns and press conferences on issues concerning the Muslim community ranging from discrimination and hate crime cases to advocating for the change of racial profiling laws in the state of Connecticut. Dhaouadi was featured in countless local, national, and international media outlets including NPR, FOX News, and Democracy Now with Amy Goodman. During the summer, he runs a youth internship program during which high school and college students work on several projects ranging from preparing a toolkit on Islamic cultural competency for schools, to writing and publishing articles from a Muslim youth perspective in the local papers and publications. Dhaouadi leads a Connecticut delegation at the Capitol Hill visits; an event that is organized every year by CAIR National, where members of the Muslim community visit their representatives in Washington, DC and advocate for issues of concern domestic and foreign.

Badr Malik

Founder, and a current board member of CAIR-CT. Realizing the situation of Muslims in Connecticut post 9/11, Badr founded CAIR-Connecticut in 2003. Since then, he has been a main support to CAIR-CT.  His hard work and dedication have allowed CAIR-CT to successfully fight for civil rights and other issues for the Muslim residents of CT and sometimes RI and MA.  He has also organized several interfaith dialogs and events in an effort to increase awareness of Islam and to tear down stereotypes that have become especially prominent since 9-11. Badr was born in Karachi, Pakistan.  He came to United States to earn his degree in Nuclear Engineering.  He graduated from University of Buffalo, NY in 1978.  He has worked at numerous Commercial Nuclear Power Plants in the US as a Nuclear Engineer. Most recently, he worked at the Millstone Nuclear Power Plant in Waterford, CT. Badr lives in Old Lyme CT with his wife Sajda and four children Rabia, Madiha, Tanya and Bilal.  He has been an active member of the Islamic Center of New London (ICNL) for the past 15 years.


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